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Sunrise Chapel Des Moines is designed for the couple who wish to have a wedding ceremony in a small wedding chapel setting. If you are looking to schedule an appointment, you may contact us at (515)444-3607, e-mail sunrisechapeldsm@yahoo.com.



Sunrise Chapel in Des Moines arose from a 15 year desire to offer a venue for a  wedding ceremony for the couple who wish to exchange vows in a smaller setting. The chapel is an alternative to a court house or park setting venue and designed with the concept that less is more.

My backyard chapel will seat 4 guests in addition to the bride and groom, with standing room for 6. While our concept is a small venue, we can accommodate standing outside for a few guests. We offer all evening ceremonies by candlelight.

If you are already married, but would like to recreate that special day when you married the love of your life, I do perform vow renewals as well. In weddings and renewals alike, couples are welcome to write their own vows for the ceremony, I personalize the vow ceremony for both chapel and offsite ceremonies.

In addition, I embrace diversity and welcome LGBTQ to our chapel, all couples are welcome.


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